Airport Hotel Sydney Press Release

Comfort Hotel Sydney has undergone some substantial renovations over the course of the last six months. The property has spent over half a million dollars in order to attempt to compete with the vast majority of new properties which have been built within the last two year period. There has been an influx of approximately 44% extra rooms into the airport vicinity within a period of two years.

Regardless of the increase in room availability and increase competition, the property needed a makeover. The furniture quality had clearly deteriorated significantly over the last four years and the owner believed it to be time for money to be spent on his property.

In interior of the property had changed the most. The interior was basically guttered. The old beds were thrown away, new desks were ordered and new leather chairs were purchased. The rooms have always been quite spartan in appearance so large decorative pictures and mirrors were bought to add some character to the rooms. Many of the rooms smelt mouldy due to the rooms carpet having been water damaged. As a result many of the rooms had the carpet replaced. In terms of utilities, all rooms were finally decked out with mini bar fridges.

In respect to the bathrooms, many of the bathrooms had their old tiles replaced with new ones. Many of the tiles had stains on them which made the property look unclean. This was unsatisfactory to guest’s so we hired a bathroom contractor to accomplish this endeavour. The bathroom shower doors were replaced in the process of the renovations as well.

The property had a large semi-trailer truck quite literally crashed into the hotel’s alcove. It made the national news last year due to the severity of the damage. The insurance company after a lengthy wait finally paid out to repair the front of the property. In the process of rectifying the damage we used the remaining insurance money to improve the properties external view. Furthermore it should be added that the property was completely painted 6 months prior to this as well.

In the last six months a conference facility has been integrated within the hotel. We are yet to gain much traction within the conference market, however, we are still eager to learn the craft and excel.

We have re-started our guest review score on and have made substantial improvements in our ratings. We have gone from 5.5 to 7.0 and are hoping to follow this upwards trend and reach 7.5 within the next month.

Lastly, we have also franchised the property. This has resulted in having to adhere to strict guidelines. All the rooms offer shampoo, conditioner, shower caps, soaps and body lotion. We are offering all guests water within their rooms and we are now integrating various techniques to improve our receptions customer service.

The hard work and perseverance has finally paid off and after structural renovations and interior decoration. In my opinion we have transformed the property from a hostel to a hotel.

The renovations were completed as of the 1st of April 2018

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